“Made in Nueva York” is a new strategic program of the Thalia Spanish Theatre to virtually refocus its programming, to call back and employ again its core local Hispanic artists & technicians, and to contribute to the emotional and economic health of its workers and community through its varied cultural offerings

 The extension of the closure of all theaters until further notice has forced Thalia to continue experimenting by testing the new “Made in Nueva York” program until the end of 2020, projecting its official implementation from January 2021.  As long as Thalia’s space is closed and once the partial or total reopening is allowed it will broadcast its productions live or recorded.

Thalia envision to scale this new programming initiative into a permanent formula for all of its events after 2021 that will assure the continuation of its mission whether or not the COVID-19 continue affecting our normal lives, whether or not Thalia’s Theatre space is allowed to open or operate during this or new health emergencies.

Productions that are part of “Made in Nueva York” program: