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With LATIN GRAMMY WINNER Maestro Raul Jaurena
Discover the African Roots of Tango in Music, Song & Dance.

TANGO and CANDOMBE have been designated by UNESCO as Argentina and Uruguay‘s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

“invigorating… fabulous… enjoyable”  -Backstage

Music Composed, Arranged & Directed by Latin Grammy winner Raul Jaurena

Created, Produced, Designed & Directed by Angel Gil Orrios

A musical for the entire family in the universal languages of LIVE Music and Dance!


The Dancers:

Yaisuri Salamanca & John Hernan Raigosa

Milteri Tucker & Norman Hinestroza

Azul Ibañez & Ruben Porto

The Singers:

Marga Mitchell & Anthony Almonte

The Musicians:

Bandoneon Master Raul Jaurena

Violin Sergio Reyes

Doublebass Pablo Lanouguere

Marimba-Vibraphone Felipe Fournier

Guitar Ruben Isola

Candombe Drummers

Arturo Prendez, Alejandro “Chato” Fernandez,

Ariel “Chino” Benatar, Fabricio Teodoro

CANDOMBE, also known as Tango Negro, is an African-derived rhythm that has been an important part of Uruguayan culture for over 200 years.  It is what survives of the ancestral heritage of Bantu culture, brought to Uruguay by enslaved Africans.  During colonial times, they called their drums tangó, and used this term to refer to the place where they gathered to perform their Candombe dances; by extension, the dances themselves were also called tangós.  Candombe music uses three drums called “repique”, “chico” and “piano”.  Tango developed simultaneously in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Although typically regarded as the creation of Italian and Spanish immigrants, the tango’s music and the dance movements associated with it were deeply influenced by African dance and music.

April 15-May 29, 2016