LA CHANA – Film Screening & LIVE Performance

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SCREENING of the Award-winning Documentary Film “LA CHANA” and LIVE PERFORMANCE with the Legendary Gypsy FLAMENCO Dancer LA CHANA accompanied by DIEGO AMADOR, directly from Spain.

Thalia Spanish Theatre
Angel Gil Orrios, Producer


Documentary Film LA CHANA & live FLAMENCO DANCING

with La Chana herself

accompanied by Singer/Musician Diego Amador and percussionist Diego Amador Jr.

Directed by Lucija Stojevic

Produced by Deirdre Towers,

Co-produced by Greta Olafsdottir and Susan Muska

Associate Producers: Beatriz del Pozo and Guri Scotford.

For its artistry and as a source of inspiration, La Chana is a must-see.”
-Alliance of Women Film Journalists

“…the irresistible power of La Chana, even in black-and-white stills, palpably bursting from the screen. ¡Brava!”     -Hollywood Reporter

An 11 Award-winning Documentary
about one WOMAN’s strength to overcome life’s challenges.

The legendary Gypsy FLAMENCO dancer LA CHANA hailed as “The Queen of Rhythm”
comes directly from Spain for a Special Appearance
Performing LIVE after the screening accompanied by world famous FLAMENCO singer/musician Diego Amador and his amazing percussionist son Diego Amador Jr.

With depth, humor and pathos, the documentary LA CHANA celebrates the charisma and flair of a self-taught Gypsy flamenco dancer, Antonia Santiago Amador “La Chana”, who in the 1960s-80s rose to international stardom and then suddenly vanished from the public eye at the height of her career. Filled with footage of spectacular flamenco dance and music, this film brings us under the skin and into the irrepressible spirit of this eccentric woman with an uncanny gift for rhythm who, despite all odds, enjoys a comeback in her late sixties.

“A captivating and inspirational story which proves that there are no limits for a true passion”
-Chopin’s Nose Award

in Kaufman Music Center
129 W 67th St, New York, NY 10036