APARTMENT FOR SALE (Tenant Included)

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Bilingual American Premiere of a comedy by Juan Carlos Rubio, one of the best contemporary playwrights of Spain.


“Excelente y encomiable labor”– Carlos Navedo, Impacto Latin News

“Inigualable…elaborado y magnifico texto” Premier Solis, La Voz Hispana

A comedy about human relations, living space and quality time by the prestigious Playwright from Spain Juan Carlos Rubio

Translation by Roger Pettitt

starring the Award-winning actors

Soledad Lopez, Basilicas Bliachas and Jesus Martinez

Three peculiar characters who will make you LAUGH and CRY.

An old woman who only has the apartment she leaves in…

A Life Insurance young businesswoman who has everything she wants…

And a Real Estate salesman who is a total disaster…

Produced, Designed & Directed by ANGEL GIL ORRIOS

SEPTEMBER 23 to OCTOBER 23, 2016