Concerts Fall 2014

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Sunday October 19, 2014

With the pianist Pablo Ruben Maldonado and dancer Leilah Broukhim

Pablo Ruben Maldonado is self-taught in the Art of Flamenco piano but also graduated from the Conservatory of Music, Granada.

Maldonado has studied with Gloria Emparán, José Luis Hidalgo, Enrique Rueda, Luis Megías, Chano Domínguez and Albert Bover.

He is considered one of the bestcontemporary pianists in flamenco. Maldonado is Granada bornedmusician with flamenco roots and gypsy heritage, such as “Antonio Cujón”, founder of Zambra Granaínastyle. 

His musical background has beenexpanded with many other styles suchas Classical music, Jazz, Afro-Caribbean, Indian, pop, tango, funk and also electronic music. All this builts up his own personal Flamenco languagewhich is Flamenco Piano without guitar imitation. 

He has collaborated with Carmen Linares, Estrella Morente, Farruquito, La Farruca, Rafaela Carrasco,  Andrés Marín, Marina Heredia, Lola Greco, Olga Pericet, Marcos Flores, Daniel Doña ,Belén López, Jesús Carmona




Elisabet Torras: Dancer
Juan Perez Rodriguez: Pianist & Singer
Alfonso Cid: Singer & Flutist
Raphael Brunn: Guitarist

Auxi Fernandez

Bailaora, born in Cádiz in 1985. She started dancing at the age of five at Pilar Ogalla’s School, and a few months later she performs for the first time on stage.

In 2010 Auxi begins to work in the master Jorge Pardo’s “Vientos Flamencos”, and with the cantaora María Toledo in “Vivencias Flamencas” at the Castilla la Mancha theaters. She also performs in Majid Javadi’s “Fusión música sufí/flamenco” with artists such as Nantha Kumar, Jorge Pardo, Pedro Eustache, Ara Malikian, Pablo Maldonado, María Toledo, Majid Derakhshani… In addition she also performed with Paco Heredia’s Dance Company in the show “Pasión Gitana” featured in Costa Rica.

The year 2011 was a very significan year for Auxi, starting with a performance with guitarrist Aquilino Jimenez “El Entri” in a show called “Manantial Flamenco”. She also gets the chance once again to perform with Jorge Pardo in a new show called “Indalusia”, a fusion of flamenco and Indian music with great musicians such as Ashoke Pathak playing the sitar, Ambi Subramaniam playing the violin, Juan Diego Mateos playing flamenco guitar, and Ali y Luis de la Tota playing palmas amongst others. Auxi also performs in a new show by Paco Heredia called “Flamenco Emsamble”. She also performs at the Festival Suma Flamenca with “Madrid Flamenco Joven”. She returns to the tablao “El Cordobés” this time with the show “Barcelona Flamenca” and shares the stage with great artists such as La Tana, Antonio Zuñiga, David Cerreduela, Juan Amaya ” El Pelón”, Olga Pericet amongst others. During that same year Auxi decides to travel to New York where she meets the Rolling Stones Project’s saxophone player Tím Ries, and with him she performs in several renowned locations such as Droms, Small Club Jazz and the Hungary Embassy.

0145_02_Flamenco with Dancer Auxi Fernandez0145_03_Flamenco with Dancer Auxi Fernandez0145_06_Flamenco with Dancer Auxi Fernandez0145_04_Flamenco with Dancer Auxi Fernandez