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A Co-production of Thalia Spanish Theatre and “the Cross Border Project” Directed by Lucia Rodriguez Miranda, Dramaturgy by Sergio Adillo, Produced by Angel Gil Orrios & Lucia Rodriguez Miranda. With Special Guest Artists, the All-female Mariachi Flor De Toloache

FUENTE OVEJUNA is one of the most important plays by the Spanish Golden Age author Lope de Vega.

Although the play was written in verse in the 17th century, it’s staged in Ciudad Juarez in the 21st century.

It’s the story of Comendador, a landowner who believes that he also owns the farmers who work his land.
In this version, the farm workers become maquiladora (factory) workers, the musicians are transformed into a mariachi trio
who share tequila with the townsfolk at Laurencia and Frondoso’s wedding, and the Comendador is portrayed as a ruthless drug dealer.  

“Dead tyrants and traitors. Traitors and tyrants dead.”
(“Mueran tiranos traidores. Tiranos traidores mueran”).

The show is 90 minutes long with no intermission.
There will be an exhibition in the lobby.
It is performed in Spanish with English supertitles.

Directed by Lucía Rodríguez Miranda

Dramaturgy by Sergio Adillo

Produced by Angel Gil Orrios Lucia Rodriguez Miranda

Maria-Itzel Siegrist, Sergio Adillo, Anthony Cotto,
Melina Bobadilla, Andrés Martínez, María Parra Peyramaure,
Laura Santos Álvarez, Victoria Tapias Guzmán
and the special collaboration of Franco Galecio.

Live Music: Mariachi Flor de Toloache.
Musical Director, Vocals & Violin: Mireya Ramos,
Guitar & Vocals: Shae Fiol,
Trumpet: Julie Acosta.

Production Team:
Leslie Roteta (production coordinator)

Yadira de La Riva (communication NY)

Lucía Cuba (costume designer)

Deborah Gros (sound space)

Carla Díaz Juhl (translator)

Nicolás Markou (webmaster)

Verónica Parizzi (management in Spain)
Valentina Riccardi, Eva Filgueira (photographers)
Pedro Ultreras (photo and video)

Abraham Velásquez (poster designer)

Arturo Romero Pereda (educational liaison) 
Fabricio Saquicela (lighting designer)

Pedagogical Team:
Alex Santiago-Jirau (Theatre of the Opressed),
Amos Marguiles (Stage Combat),
Marina Mellado (curator of exhibition). The Exhibition has been possible thanks to the special collaboration of Keith Miller.

Keith Miller, Hyadem Dunham, Patricia Yosem,
Tali Weinberg, Linna Pallota,
Amia Yokoyama, Chris Chernow.

The Cross Border Project is a combination of social theatre, community theatre and the investigation of new language to perform classical plays.
We are a group of artists and professionals from around the world (Spain, United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, France and Cyprus).

DECEMBER 3-4-5 & 10-11-12, 2010